About Us

Mission Statement

We are in the 21st century, while most school systems are still in the 20th. With so much new knowledge entering the world, it is vital that the education process start as early as birth. At Montessori we believe that learning begins with the first breath and continues throughout one's life span. At W.I.M.A. we believe that the Montessori methods are the best fit for the ever-changing pace of the world we live in, and complement the learning level of any child. Our academy’s goal is to develop and produce free-thinking, confident learners who will grow to become leaders. 

Our Philosophy

Montessori for us is not only a teaching method but a way of life, a lifestyle to follow and grow from. It is a practical way of learning that teaches more than just academic subjects; through their own discovery process, children learn cooperation, courtesy, leadership and other valuable life lessons. Most important, we seek to involve parents in the process because these lessons carry over into all aspects of life and should be practised in the home as well.

The first thing you will notice about our school is how different our classroom environment is. We have transformed it into an inviting, open-concept space filled with traditional Montessori apparatus alongside state-of-the-art computers. Our curriculum and student body are both very multicultural as we believe that exposing children to technology and sensitizing them to different cultures is an essential part of modern learning.

We are blending the traditional Montessori methods with a modern philosophy to educate our students, and prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in their lives.

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10432 boul. Gouin West, Roxboro, Quebec H8Y 1W7 | Ph: 514 684 3733 | Fax: 514 684 9858 | montessori_school@qc.aira.com