He does it with his hands, by experience,
first in play and then through work.
The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence.

- The Absorbent Mind -

Our Curriculum

At W.I.M.A. (West Island Montessori Academy), the program admits children from 18 months to five years of age. While Montessori philosophy prefers interaction between children of various age groups in the classroom, we feel that creating a separate group for younger children aged 18 months to two years has proven more successful, as this group needs to focus on the very basic areas of practical life and developing the senses. During the daily curriculum there is also time permitted for free play. When the weather permits the group uses the outdoor playground; otherwise, they use the indoor gym. The indoor gym is also used for special events and activities during the school year.

How to recognize an Authentic Montessori Center

  • Proper material at children's level
  • 3 hour unbroken work cycle
  • Montessori Trained teachers
  • The beautifully prepared environment
  • Over 50 practical life activities on shelves in classroom
  • Children being exposed to nature
  • The child being respected
  • Grace and courtesy
  • Mixed age groups

The Toddler Program

  • A safe environment with opportunities to see, hear, feel, touch and move
  • Toileting skills
  • Practical life activities such as pouring, sweeping, buttoning to promote focus, concentration, motor skills development, and independence.
  • Lessons of grace and courtesy
  • Sensorial materials to foster and heighten the child’s senses.
  • Introduction to the sounds of letters.